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Fly Fishing Folly Beach, SC

Captain Cleve Hancock is a born fisherman. Growing up in Florida he spent every available moment on the water. From a young age, fishing was a driving passion that would shape his life, often daydreaming in class of the next tide or what could lie on the next flat.

After moving to Charleston, SC for college, Capt. Cleve felt an immediate connection to the lowcountry fishery. Exploring the marsh for great fishing became all consuming and he knew this is where he wanted to set his anchor.

Now a full time guide, Capt. Cleve created Brown Dog Sportfishing to share this love of fishing and the outdoors with others. While his warm personality make the day enjoyable, his knowledge of the fish and the marsh make it successful. Capt. Cleve takes pride in being a teacher and feels that whether a novice or expert angler, there is always something to learn while on the water.
Capt. Cleve is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed and insured captain that holds holds first aid and CPR certifications through the Red Cross.

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