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As we push off from the dock, get ready to immerse yourself in a true lowcountry experience. Brown Dog Sportfishing will take you to the shallow flats, back creeks, and oyster shorelines in pursuit of some of the most exciting fishing around. 


Spring ushers in a resurgence of bait inshore waking up our fish from winter and causing them to feed. As temperatures rise, the waters teem with activity, drawing in a variety of species like redfish, trout, and flounder. This season presents anglers with prime chances to hunt shallow water fish while enjoying the warming weather.

Summer has our estuary in full swing, whether you're targeting redfish in the shallows or seeking speckled trout along the grass flats, this season offers exciting opportunities for both. We also welcome our seasonal fish this season as sharks and tarpon come into our area following warmer temps and migrating baitfish. Around the new and full moon we receive our higher-than-normal flood tides which is a can't miss opportunity to search out tailing redfish in the grass.

Fall marks a peak period for inshore fishing. As temperatures cool, the fish become more active, feeding voraciously before the winter months. This time presents anglers with ample opportunities to hook into various species, making it an exhilarating time to cast your line in Charleston's waters. Redfish will frequently expose themselves in inches of water in the creeks as they chase shrimp as well as tail heavily on our flood tide flats.

Winter holds some of the best, and often overlooked sight fishing. The cooler temps will give us our clearest water of the year. Redfish pack tightly into schools in shallow water and are targeted up small creeks and open flats. Trout will school up tightly as well feed along current lines and edges.

Understanding the ebb and flow of Charleston's inshore fishing seasons involves tapping into the rhythms of nature, tidal patterns, and local knowledge. Whether you're a passionate angler or looking to try your hand at inshore fishing for the first time, Charleston's diverse seasons promise a wealth of opportunities for unforgettable fishing experiences. 
Charleston Inshore Fishing
Fly Fishing Skiff Marsh Charleston
Fly Fishing Redfish Charleston
Fly Fishing Tarpon Charleston
Charleston Fly Fishing

We target these fish with light tackle spinning or fly fishing equipment off the coast of Charleston. Capt. Cleve fishes from an 17ft Maverick HPX-S powered by a Yamaha outboard. This boat will allow us to cross the larger water comfortably then silently push through the shallow waters as we fish. 

Fly Fishing Redfish Skiff Boat Charleston

Brown Dog Sportfishing primarily launches from the Folly River Landing located at  88 Center St, Folly Beach, SC 29439. This public launch site is on your immediate right as you cross the bridge over the Folly River and enter the town of Folly Beach, SC, a short drive from downtown Charleston. 

Additional pickup locations can be available as well, please request at time of charter booking.

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