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Carolina Rig Set Up

Let's take a minute and talk about one of the unsung heroes of our inshore fishing, the Carolina Rig. 

While I am in no way reinventing the wheel, I wanted to walk through how I set up one of my most utilized rigs.

A - I like to double the braid over to create a double line, this will give it more grip when attaching to the leader. For this I typically use a Surgeon's Loop Know but will change to a Bimini Twist when targeting large fish.

B- Albright Knot, I find this knot allows the smaller diameter braid to really dig into the leader material just like a finger trap and give good hold

C- These beads can be either plastic or glass and serve multiple purposes. First to protect the knots from the sliding weight as well as to make sure the weight does not slide over any knots. I also think the sound of the beads knocking can simulate the clacking sounds of shrimp under water.

D- Egg Sinker. I will typically use 1/2oz for most of my inshore fishing. I find this is the best all around size for fishing in the current and still able to pin a bait to the bottom. You can change this weight based on the current and bait you are experiencing

E- Perfection Loop: The fly fishing side has me comfortable using loop knots to attach terminal tackle. I have found a perfection loop to work well with larger diameter leader and provide a secure attachment for the swivel.

F- Barrel Swivel: This protects your line from wrapping and twisting as waits spin either in current or on the retrieve. It also provides a place to step down your leader from the weight section to the hook.

G- Perfection Loop

H- Quick Snell: While I normally go to loop knots on any artificial baits I have found a quick snell to be very strong and direct connection when fishing on the bottom.

Hook- Owner Mutu Circle, most commonly in 1/0

Leader- This may be one of the most important money saving things I have learned: tie the weighted section with heavier leader than the hook section. Fishing around structure and loosing tackle is a big part of fishing where the fish are. By tying this section heavier you increase your chances of getting the majority of your rig back and only loosing a hook.

I make my weighted section out of 40lb and will step down to either a 20lb or 30lb leader to run to the hook depending on where I am fishing.

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