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Dubbing Shrimp Fly

Can be tied in a number of sizes and weights, and colors. This is a good shrimp imitator on both low tide flats and in the flood tide grass. It is also a relatively simple pattern to tie.

Hook choice is personal preference, I will ties on these or Gamakatsu SC15 in size 4-1/0

After starting our thred we wrap back to the bend and add our tail, I prefer psuedo hair but craft fur or a rabbit strib will easily work as well. You can also use a marker to add barring to the tail. Once the tail is in add rubber legs and any additional flash material you may want.

Form a dubbing loop and insert your dubbing, spin this up and pick it out with a bobbin until it looks like below. Wrap your thread forward and install any eyes you are adding.

Palmer the dubbing loop forward and tie it off just behind the eyes.

Use a bodkin to pick out the dubbing then give it a light trip to shape. Install a weedguard if desired.

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